BMW HP2 Megamoto - OOOH

It’s not everyday a chance like this comes along, and frankly when I got a whiff of it, I didn’t even believe it. In fact, I had to be convinced I was about to get to ride the BMW HP2 Megamoto. And what an experience that was. More >>
Published: 2007-09-29 11:46   Updated: 2007-09-29 13:24 

Abba Stands - simply the best

If you're working on your motorbike, or even if you just like to wash it properly, an Abba Stand is a wonderful investment. It'll keep your bike upright in a very stable manner. It'll lift the rear wheel clear off the ground, without any load on the suspension. With a bit of tinkering you can lift the front too. The best motorbike stand available More >>
Published: 2007-03-12 12:21   Updated: 2007-05-07 15:02 

Sandbar Dogbones for the K1200R

The BMW K1200R handles great out of the box. Sure the suspension is a bit choppy, but thanks to the special forks and pivoted swing arm works really well. If you want a bit sportier attitude you have a few options. More >>
Published: 2007-03-12 14:03   Updated: 2007-05-07 12:52 

I *heart* SportecM3

Tyres are always a difficult thing to comment on, but one thing about them is really easy; when they work for you and your bike, something magical happens. For me this happened with the SportecM3s. They're absolutely wonderful on the BMW K1200R. More >>
Published: 2007-01-14 16:50   Updated: 2007-03-12 18:10 

Halvarssons – Sweden’s best kept motorcycling secret?

I had been looking for a set of motorcycle gloves for ages since my old pair of Halvarssons had disintegrated after 4 years of really hard use. I just couldn't find anything with a reasonable price and, above all, a good fit. That's until I tried the latest Halvarssons gloves. But where could I get a hold of them..? More >>
Published: 2006-08-31 11:36   Updated: 2007-01-07 12:42 

Puncture repair kits

When you’re driving around in a car, the thought of a puncture shouldn’t really bother the majority of us as cars have space for a spare wheel. On a bike, a puncture can leave you stranded. What options are available to help us bikers out of a hole? More >>
Published: 2006-01-04 17:00   Updated: 2006-09-17 19:18 

Continental ContiSport Attacks on the BMW K1200R

The BMW K1200R is a very powerful bike, and the tyres make a very big difference on a bike like this. In my mind, there's no tyre that lasts long enough, so to me the choice comes down to the feel, other than that, they're consumables. Being consumables the price is quite a big factor, along with the mileage of course. Continental ContiSport Attacks are fairly cheap, but are they up for the rest? More >>
Published: 2006-06-15 21:27   Updated: 2006-06-15 21:47 

Riding the Nürburgring

To many people riding the Nürburgring is the ultimate biking experience. It definitely is to me. The slight "problem" with the riding the Nürburgring Nordschleife is that it's totally unforgiving when it comes to making mistakes. This means that if you adopt the wrong attitude to your riding you'll potentially be very badly off. But it's not all that bad. Read on... More >>
Published: 2006-04-10 16:40   Updated: 2006-06-03 21:57 

Tidying the tail of the K1200R

I've always had a bit of a fetish towards making the tails of the motorbikes I've owned nicer. I simply don't like it when there's tons of mudguards, big indicators, etc. Usually what happens is; out comes the Dremel and on goes smaller indicators. This is how the K1200R evolved. More >>
Published: 2006-05-30 13:53   Updated: 2006-06-03 11:18 

Cheap USB Power Socket on the bike

I've got a Garmin eTrex Legend C mounted on my BMW K1200R and while the battery life is excellent, I would love to not have to worry about it. But £20 was always a bit too much. I finally created a cheap solution to it. Read how... More >>
Published: 2006-04-26 16:36   Updated: 2006-04-27 10:20 

The K1200R at the Nürburgring

The BMW K1200R is a very competent bike and it can take many other bikes by surprise. It's not the first bike you'd consider when being a Nurburgring nut like myself, but it is nevertheless very interesting and riding the Nürburgring on it is a joy. More >>
Published: 2006-04-24 14:15   Updated: 2006-04-24 15:09 

Evoluzione Race Air Filters for the BMW K1200R

I've never been much for tuning my bikes, sure I tuned my mopeds, but the bikes I've kept pretty standard. I'd rather buy a faster bike than tune a slow one. And I always know that tinkering with the bike makes things break, sooner or later. The K1200R is my exception - I've actually fitted a different exhaust can and the Evoluzione Race Air Filters. This has transformed the bike completely. It's awesome. More >>
Published: 2006-04-13 11:46   Updated: 2006-04-13 12:15 

Continental Sport Attack Tyres

I’m beginning to feel like someone is out to stop me riding my bike! With two punctures in the space of a month, i decided that it was time for a change. Off with the old and on with a shiny new pair of Continental Sport Attacks More >>
Published: 2006-01-03 13:51   Updated: 2006-04-12 16:01 

R&G Crash protection for the BMW K1200R

Modern bikes aren't built to crash, in fact, should you just loose your foot on some gravel or so at standstill and topple over, you'll probably be cursed with small scratches all over the place. There's a simple and fairly cheap way to protect yourself. Crash protectors. More >>
Published: 2006-04-09 18:11   Updated: 2006-04-09 19:44 

Fred Hill Memorial Run 2006

Do you know who Fred Hill is? Do you have a reason to drag your bike out of the garage on a cold and grey Saturday in February? Do you think we're all crazy? Well, we probably are, but there's a greater good behind it all. Have a peek... More >>
Published: 2006-02-06 17:56   Updated: 2006-02-07 14:44 

Ladies Bike Gear

I’m female and I ride a sports bike, but why is it so hard to get decent bike gear? More >>
Published: 2006-01-17 15:32   Updated: 2006-02-03 15:15 

UK Motorbike Licence

So you want to learn to ride a motorbike in UK, how do you go about it? Read on and find out. More >>
Published: 2006-01-10 13:59   Updated: 2006-02-03 13:23 

Waterproof vs.Protective Bike Boots

Why is it so difficult to get a bike boot that provides good protection and is waterproof? More >>
Published: 2006-01-23 17:25   Updated: 2006-02-03 13:20 

Victory Vison 800 Concept Bike - Please, NO!

I just stumbled upon Victory Motorcycle's concept bike Vision 800 - and as a concept bike it's supposed to provoke opinions, here's mine; JUST STOP! Please! See why... More >>
Published: 2006-01-26 11:56   Updated: 2006-01-26 20:15 

Bike/Car Bureaucracy

We live in a fairly free world, but still we need to organize and arrange for quite a few things before we can transport ourselves around. I have, in several occasions, been met by red tape when it comes to my vechicles. Last time was on Saturday. I can't Tax my new bike. Highly annoying! More >>
Published: 2006-01-10 12:50   Updated: 2006-01-22 20:04 

Why I Prefer Motorbikes to Cars

When I tell a non-biker that I'd rather be riding my bike than being trapped inside a tin-can I usually get very strange comments back - or at least a look that declares me completely insane. Read on - you might find that I actually am insane. More >>
Published: 2005-11-25 13:02   Updated: 2005-12-14 15:15 

Car Safety vs Bike Safety

As I started pondering why I'd rather be riding my bike, I seemed to focus a lot on the safety aspect of both cars and bikes. I focused so much that I thought it's a complete article on its own. Aah, I feel safe now... More >>
Published: 2005-11-28 14:32   Updated: 2005-12-14 15:08 

Stay on your side!

Why can't people drive on their side of the road? Why is it so difficult to turn the steering wheel? Why can't you go around mini-roundabouts instead of cutting across?! Why do you have to be on my planet? More >>
Published: 2005-12-02 10:16   Updated: 2005-12-02 16:13