Intellimouse, cool scrolling

In Hindsight

I wrote this article in 1999-04-11 and today it seems completely pointless, but think back for a second and imagine the world without scroll wheels on your mice. Imagine having to slide the scrollbar everytime you have to scroll on a web page. Yuck! The advent of the scroll wheel mice is probably the best thing to hit usability since the mouse itself. Today I have the latest MS Intellimous hooked up to my Linux/KDE machine and it works very well, except that I can't use the left/right function of the scroll wheel. This would be very useful for example when jumping between tabs in Mozilla Firefox, but that's another story. Scroll wheels, YAY!

We all know what Microsoft makes and what they don't.

Mostly MS makes software that has lots of bells and whistles. Mostly that software is pretty mediocre, there are better, there are faster, but somehow, we end up with MS software on our harddisks.
Few of us nerds realise that MS makes other stuff too, and the coolest of these other stuffs is the Intellimouse. I have not tried the force feedback joysticks or wheels, so if you want to read about it, just snail mail me one and I promise to review and test it.

Meanwhile back in the village...

Well, Intellimouse sucks in the same ways as does any other mouse. To operate it you have to let go of your nerd-grip of the keys that make you so darn fast in emacs. To operate the mouse, you move your hand over to that thing that looks like a pale misformed dirty version of a McD Cheese Burger.

But, where does it kick?

THE WHEEL! The wheel the wheel the wheel! Oh my, the WHEEEL! I first tried the scrolling of an Intellimouse on a pals computer, and I instantly like it. It rocks! Today, I cannot imagine my computer without this wheel mousie. My computer usage is much faster than before. I scroll webpages and Word docs in seconds. Whereas, Mac users and non-wheelmouse owners, try to grab that little thing called scrollbar on the right side and scroll down. By that time, I have already located the next hyperlink an I'm on my way to the next webpage. The wheel man, the wheel! Without a wheelmouse I don't wanna play!

So, do other wheelmice kick too?

I have tried the Cordless desktop from Logitech, the keyboard is fine, the mouse is fine, but the wheel sucks! I hate it. Sometimes it scrolls just one pixel, rrrrrrh, the MS thingie doesn't have that problem. When the intellimouse works, it works, not but's n if's!
Get one? YES! NOW! Yesterday!