King Kontent

In Hindsight

This is probably one of the Articles that have been verified in the latter Net-years. It was on the 1st of May in 1999 when I wrote this article. The pretty-but-no-content-era lasted until the Dot-Com-Death came. Google has also had a lot to do with how popular a site becomes thanks to the PageRank system which measures how many links there are to a page, not only the textual content on the page itself.
Glady todays 'Net is a lot better; most sites today offer something for its visitors. Nice. Almost 7 years ago, I said...:

Kontent is King

Righto, it's been said before, long before. But I'm sayin' it again; Kontent is King! and again: Kontent is King! If you do homepages, you should worship that sentence! But why, why why why does that sentence mean so much?

It all gets down to feeding the fish, if you don't feed the fish, your pond will be as dead as a jacuzzi after the party. People don't surf the waves of the web because the can, they surf because they want something. That something is the thing you serve them, your content. Some economist wrote something about "the economic man" where the human always wants to gain something for it's actions. This is very much true when doing webstuffies. Your audience pays to get to the web, respect that. If you don't, game over, insert coin...

So, what is content then?

It can be whatever, as long as you serve it to your audience. You can serve a pretty main page if you want, but if there's nothing behind the door, nobody will enter a second time. I have seen very trick first pages, but behind them there's a lame pic of the author and a pic of the dog, some poems links to pals and that's it. How often do you want to see a persons face (not counting newd chicks of course)? How many dogs are you interested in? How often do you read depressing poems in front of you computer when the phone company wants to send you bills? [Note: This was when you used a modem over a metered telephone line to access the Internet - early days JS]) You can serve poems, smooth bevels and drop shadows as long as you want.

But there has to be something more!

Something to enjoy, something that captures the viewer, something something!
Personally, I never return to contentless pages, never. I'm a Formula 1 fan, and I constantly surf to and that page is not the best looking, it hasn't got the coolest graphics, no, on the contrary, the news are very uncool, they are plain information. That's what makes them rock and me return. Huge sites, so called portals, they suck, they offer me nothing, nothing, just waste of time. Altavista, on the other hand is very l33333t [Note: This was before the Google Era - JS]! That's my portal, give me content! I don't remember the last time I was to a huge portal like, or There's nothing for me to see there. Nada, zip, zilch.

So, dudes and dudettes

Do I offer you content? Have I succeeded or do I suck? Are journeys in my twisted mind content, or did I waste your precious time? Let me know - email address is at the bottom of the page. I promise I'll read whatever you have to say, but I don't promise to loose sleep about it. Also if you know of a king kontent site, let me know - I dig kontent