My dear Palm Pilot Personal

In Hindsight

This article was oringially written in January 1999, published on the 10th actually. Back then there were no commonplace PDAs,Microsoft Pocket PC (which they originally named Palm PC but was sued by, yes, Palm) was in it's first editions as a bulky grayscale powerhungry brick.
The only things that came close to the Palm would have been the Psions and the Apple Newton. But the Palm Pilot was the first real usable PDA. I'm getting all misty here...
I used my Palm untill I, by mistake, swished it across the room and it never recovered. I bought a Psion Revo after that which served me loyally for a long time.

A pal of mine had a Pilot. He told me he used it mostly as an address book, after a few months. He used to use it for every thing in the beginning. But right at this time, it was his electronic address book. Now, (Jan 1999) it is in his kitchen drawer, or maybe he gave it away... Anyway, I had to get one. People around me were telling me that I really don't need one, that the philofax was good enough. We had many long discussions! As a gadgeteer dork, I had to act against 'my more saner minds'. They tried, I appreciate that!

Over one year later, I still carry that Pilot around! I still embrace it, I still cuddle with it, I love it. It's there for me. It's like a pocket size umbrella, it's there, u don't need it, untill it rains, you'd kill for it. I probably fiddle the Pilot about 8 times per day. I look what's going on at work, I call friends, I type down wine numbers at the liquor store. I have my bank account nubers there, I have my awk-quick reference manual there. It's everything!

At H&Co, the first one that got interested in the Pilot was Bjorn, now a happy Pilot owner since May 98. Then Thomas got interested, got one, gave me qool quotes like "I didn't think it was this easy to use...", "Graffitti was easier than I thought...". It's simple, I got a Pilot, now I have infected atleast 6 persons with the Pilot feever. They love it.... (I'm smooth).
The most common problem is that people think that the Pilot is a computer, it is not a computer. The Pilot is like a very advanced calculator, no boot up time, no memory losses, no "Save" buttons, it is: "just there, when you need it, at your service!".

Get one!

Thinkin of gettin' a "palm sized CE computer", forget it. You'd get a bigger one, with a start-button. No battery life, and a bunch of other BS. My Pilot runs about 4 months with no problems, now, kick that on WinCE! It wakes me up if I need to, it tells me when to go to the dentist, It calculates the case-price of beer in the store, it tells me when my pals got birthdays... It's, simply put, what I'd want to be, It's my brain!
Hate the filofax? Get a Pilot, it's worth it! You can search you Pilot, you can sync your Pilot with your PC/Mac, you print from you Pilot, you can change... you can live... don't worry about stuff.

Now all I want is an USB dockin' station, so I can free my IRQ for other stupid things.