Photoshop 4 vs Photshop 5

In Hindsight

I remember it clearly. When I started using Photoshop 3 I really liked it, but I was working with web-stuff in it and Photoshop 3 was not at all aimed at doing web graphics. Thiis meant that when Photoshop 4 came out, and they had added a bit of web to it, it was amazing! Photoshop 5 quickly dawned but when I wrote this article (1999-01-10) I wasn't impressed at all, it seemed like the update was not really needed and it was more of a "well, we've worked on a lot of thingsthat some people want, let's publish it".
Today this article is pretty much obsolete. The current version of Photoshop is called CS, and has become a mammoth that can do a lot of strange things, including web graphics. I still think that Photoshop is the master of image manipulation programs. For me, personally, it costs too much.

Photoshop was originally developed to edit photographs, not do webgraphics. Since it was the only image manipulation program in the designers arsenal, they started using it for web projects. PS3 with it's layers and other cool stuff was excellent but, it was still mainly an application for editing scanned photographs.

Adobe heard a bit of whining from webnerds. When they presented PS4 you had the excellent PS3 with all the addons you wanted. Excellent! PS4 didn't eat much more RAM n was generally, just a more adult version of ps3. Very smooth. But suddenly, onto the stage steps PS5...

Magazines brag about excellent undo functionality, excellent typography control, and so on and so on... Step into the ring Mr PS5! Comparing the two is like comparing the swiss army knife to the rambo knife. The swiss army knife is smooth, does the job, no fuzz, fits on your HDD, folds into you monitor,

The rambo knife impresses dewds with smaller u-know-whats, it's over powered in some issues, doesn't really fit anywhere. Sure, it cuts the cheese, but, who needs to cut 5 cheeses at one time.

I installed PS5, hoping on cool type control. Sure I got better type control, but thats after waiting an extemely long time for the application to start!
Sure, I like the undo-pallette, but I still don't know how to use it. There's a strange play button on the undo pallette.
"Let's play undo?"
OK, so, I got used to it that it sucked my 128mb RAM (Sept 98) out of my can-o-spam, I got used to all the new whistles, but after the 4th restart and crash at the same place, I dumped the piece of crap. Look, dudes, first of all, I want my apps to work! Second, I don't need 100 undos. Third, I don't want to spend megabyte after megabyte so that you can announce bells n whistles on the release partey. Fourth, I want my app to start now! Now! 3 seconds ago! Fifth, keep your apps in beta stage until you have no bugs.

Buy PS5?

Buy PS5? Don't, not yet! Wait till PS5.08 or something. When I got PS4, I was screaming ("aaaaaah" mostly) I was inspired, I did alot of work just because of that app. It ruled, then I got PS5, swore a bit, switched to FireWorks...
So, for the next PS, remove the crap, make it work, make it work fast, make excellent below 12px type rendering. Insert image slicing, with layers in slices. PS5 willl be cool in late 1999, when my computer runs at 750mhz with 512 RAM and PS is in v. 5.1.5 or something. Till then, *kick-at-the-vending-machine* gimme' my' moneyback!

To conclude

So to conclude, doing webstuff in PS5? I feel sorry for ya'. Doing webgfx in PS4? Kick ass, stay there, look at ImageReady? (sucks btw) or FireWorks (kickass!), don't buy PS5! Doing webpixels in PS3? Upgrade to PS4 now, n thats n'order!
Btw, I use ps5 @ home, but not because I dig it, just because I have to more or less, ps4 won't let me take advantage of my dual monitors in Win98.... sadly.....