Wacom Artpad - usable or not?

In Hindsight

Sadly I don't have this gadget anymore. It went onto living in the home of the person who had the company business card on which it was purchased on. I admit that I miss it. I really do. For some stuff the Artpad was truly remarkable and it was a very neat way of working. On the other hand I rarely used it most of the time. But when I did use it, it was fabulous. Take a trip back to 1999-03-21 and see how the world worked back then.
Oh, and a funny thing; This thing was connected to your serial port! Ahahahah, serial! Funny! (I had 4 serial ports on my computer at one stage!)

OK, so I'm no real real real artist. I don't wear strange ugly clothes and I don't drink that much wine. Oh yeah, all things that I touch they do not become beautiful. Still I have an Artpad.
What is an Artpad. Well it is a touch sensitive plate on which you write with a pen-kind of thing. My artpad is A5 size (that's about 130mm wide and about 95mm high). Just enough.

Well, can I use it or, is it just another gadget that I have to show off with? It's more than a gadget my friend. As we all know, well, graphics nerds anyway, you can't do the stuff you want with a mouse. And, the alternative is either to do your stuff on paper and scan it, or you get yourself an Artpad.
If you are going to do it the hard way, that is draw and scan, you need a scanner, and it will take a lot of time. But the result is pretty smooth, just the way you wanted. On an Artpad, you get almost the same result, much faster. This is of course when we are talking about drawings, handwriting and stuff like that. Draw and scan beats the artpad in quality, the artpad kicks butt in speed.

Then we come to the thingie where the artpad is really l33t. That is when you need to do stuffies directly in your IMP, like Photoshop, Flash or Fireworks. That could be when erasing and creating soft edges around an image. Or when you retouch yourself with the airbrush in a photo that you will e-mail you sweetheart. You can't scan that! Artpad wins! Hands down.
This pretty much makes the artpad a very cool thing you should have in front of your keyboard. It's also a pretty cool thing to show your friends. So, are you in need of an artpad? Well, dude or dudette, if you work in IMPs, and you notice that the mouse is clumsy, then you need one. Have u never found the mouse uncool? U don't need one.'