Owning a Nintendo DS

Caz has also got a DS

As you might have read from my Nintendo DS rantings, we've got two of them. Read on for Caz's opinions. YAY!

Not another review!

Ok, so there are tonnes of reviews for the Nintendo DS. Even Jocke has written one. Pretty much everything that there is to tell about it has already been said. So what exactly am I hoping to achieve by writing this? I’m not aiming to give the Nintendo DS and its games a technical review and discuss what features Nintendo have/haven’t got right when launching this product. What I am hoping to do is give an insight as to why *I* bought a DS, what I get out of owning it and would I buy one again. Maybe I should rename this article to “me and my DS”

Impulse purchase

When I bought my DS, it was somewhat an impulse purchase. We had been looking at them shortly after their launch purely out of curiosity, the ability to play games over wireless being the feature that drew us to it. With us both having a DS, we could sit down for 15 minutes and have a quick game against each other. You don’t have to wait whilst a PC boots up and then wait again whilst it shuts down, you don’t have to be near a tv, you don’t even need to be near a power outlet. It provides the opportunity to spend a short time playing a game wherever you are without having the hassle of using a games console

So what do I think is the best feature of the DS?

I would have to say the ability to play games over wireless. Many games offer the opportunity to utilise this feature in two ways; via wireless download play if only one person has the game or via true wireless play if both players have the cartridge. It’s the true wireless feature which I think really sells the DS. One lunch time over Christmas, I was sitting at home on “holiday” whilst Jocke was still at work; out come the DS’s and we have a Mario Kart race against each other. I think it’s a great feature that you can race against other DS users around the world. Although it is a little embarrassing when you consider that I am probably being beaten (permanently) by some 10 year old! Ah well :-) Life is too short to worry about that!

At present we don’t own that many games for the DS, largely due to the one major downfall of the games console market. The price of the games – at £30 a piece, the cost soon starts to mount up. But I am happy with the ones I have (particularly Mario Kart, and Sonic Rush!)

And what do I like most about the DS?

The ability to play games that I used to love playing on friends games consoles when I was younger. And, not only can I play these games – I can play them over wireless

To conclude....

This article is purely my opinions on owning a Nintendo DS. If you are after the latest and greatest thing, then the DS probably isn’t for you. If you can take the DS for what it is (a bit big and ugly and relatively inexpensive) and you just want a bit of mindless gameplay – then get one! Its great fun!!